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Mastering is the final step for sending music to labels and listeners. It brings out the most of potential hidden in tracks.


We will add: warmth, detail, stereo enhancement, analog feel, dynamic, pressure and density

volume level all frequencies, and as a result, your music will SOUND like the hits on the dancefloor!


To accomplish this theme, there are essential factors.

- Good mix

- Good hardware & software

- Experience playing and producing electronic music.


The combination of our experience, and our equipments (both old and new) ensures that we are leaders in electronic music mastering.



Free mastering revisions

All audio adjustments required to make your music sound its best

Mix consulting/suggestions on how to make your mixes better before I get started

Delivery of masters in 1 duplication ready format: Red Book CD-R, vinyl-ready .wavs, or digital-only .wav or mp3 files.



$15 for each error-checked production-ready CD-R intended for duplication.

$15 for a vinyl-pressing-ready CD-R, generally delivered as "Side A & Side B" 24 bit data disc

$15 for a digital release package including properly tagged mp3's, a .zip folder with your album art included, etc.





Mastering                       Price


1 Song                           28 US$

2 Songs                         50 US$

3 Songs                         65 US$

4 Songs                         85 US$

5 Songs                       100 US$


6 songs and more Get in Touch.










En Colombia puedes pagar con transferencia a Bancolombia ecribenos al mail de contacto para mas informacion.

Mastering Service

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REVERENCE recordings


Juan Diego Orrego Mesa (Ethereal Mist) is responsible for the Mastering, with over 17 years of experience in electronic music as a DJ Producer participating in several music projects like

Da GrooveMakers, Noizzer and Ethereal Mist.


In 2006 after using almost every single type of mastering software, he definetly decided to go for analog mastering processes using the legendaries PULTEC EQP-1A3 Program Equalizer,MASELEC MEA2  EQ ,TELETRONIX LA-3A COMPRESSOR / LIMITER, TC ELECTRONIC FINALIZER 96K and one of the most advanced audio software in the market (Magix Sequoia), achieving the best results in sound and color that a professional producer would require.


In order to achieve the best results in your sound, it requires the finest hardware and someone with lots of expirience inelectronic music wich is what we actually offer at Reverence Recordings.

Mastering process : Every project is unique and deserve dedicated mastering process, so it would be difficult to generalize  it,but here are some basic things that will be checked and improved when needed : Spectral balance, dynamic range, overall perceived loudness, stereo width, phases issues, Mid/Side processing,  and more...  

REVERENCE mastering Gear



- Tannoy Concentric System 10

- Yamaha NS10M studio



- Maselec MEA2 parametric EQ

- Pultec EQP-1A Program Equalizer (original)

- Pultec HLF-23C filter Stereo (original) Vinyl Cut

- 2 Teletronix LA-3A Compressor / Limiter (original)

- TC Electronic 96K Multiband compressor,

  Stereo Image, DA / AD etc

- Dk Multichanel audio analizer PT600C III

- Custom Analogue Summing Mixer



  VINYL CUTTING EQUIPMENT (soon service)- Scully Cut Lathe- Westrex 3DII AH Cutting Head- Westrex 1700 series RIAA and Amps- Computer Automation SOFTWARE- Visualizer von NuGen Audio Spectrum Analyzer- Pinguin Analizer- Magix Sequoia    






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